Every human being needs a home. There are people sleeping on the streets in every community; whether or not you see them. Some are addicts; some are mentally ill; some are women and children; and some are simply the victims of bad luck, bad planning, and bad timing. All deserve a solution to the crisis of homelessness.

The Primary Goal of Homes for Good

The Mayor’s Action Team on Homelessness (MATH) was created to find a solution to the problem of homelessness in Port Coquitlam. Its primary goal is to find homes for good. By finding the right homes at the right time for the right individuals and families, we can permanently end homelessness in our community. To maintain the permanency of this solution requires the support of the many agencies that are trained and equipped to do this work.

In this report, MATH reviews existing strategies to end homelessness as well as the current situation and resources in Port Coquitlam, and develops its own strategy. MATH will create a new, permanent organization, the Homes For Good Society (HFGS). It is HFGS that will be tasked with finding homes, and that will liaise with and possibly coordinate the efforts of groups currently providing support services, not duplicate their already good work. MATH sees that these are the two necessary pillars for this plan to be successful. The plan also needs the support of individuals who reside in the community and who are looking for a way to help.

Managing the problem, rather than resolving it, costs more. It is more expensive to provide services to the chronically homeless population than to find homes and provide supports to keep these individuals housed. A successful strategy must include every sector: individuals and families; community services including non-profit organizations, food banks, service clubs, clothing banks, drug and alcohol rehabilitation agencies, housing agencies, and faith-based organizations; and the federal and provincial governments where most resources—and tax dollars—are located.

There is good news. Solutions exist—permanent, hope-filled, economically sensible solutions that start at the root cause of homelessness and provide not just housing, but the resources and supports needed to end the cycle of despair that leads to homelessness. It isn’t just a feel-good solution. It is a practical, doable solution. And it can start today—right now—in every community.

For us, it starts in Port Coquitlam with the creation of the Homes For Good Society, which will address housing, financial support and fundraising, communications, and community engagement, and will produce measurable results.

The Plan - Eradicate Homelessness for Good