Successes In Other Cities

Toronto's Streets to HomesThe Port Coquitlam Mayor’s Action Team on Homelessness is not breaking new ground. It is building on the successes of many cities around North America that have developed plans and taken concrete actions to end homelessness, with remarkable results.

In the 18 months after the implementation of Portland, Oregon’s ten-year plan, the city has reduced its chronic homeless population by 70%.

Since 2005, when the City of Denver, Colorado introduced its plan, it has seen an 11% reduction in overall homelessness and a 36% reduction in chronic homelessness.

Minnesota’s Hennepin County implemented its ten-year plan and, from 2002 to 2004, saw a decline in family homelessness of 43%, from 1,89 to 1,046.

In the January 2009 assessment of Toronto’s Streets to Homes Program, the report indicated a high level of success. Approximately 600 people per year have been housed since the program’s inception in February 2005, and 87% of the tenants it has housed remain housed.