PoCo’s Situation

One of the most urgent contributing factors of homelessness is simply the lack of affordable housing. Affordable housing is defined as not exceeding 30% of gross household income.Gross household income for housing

Income assistance rates for an individual include a housing component of $375; $570 for a two-person family; it is the same whether the person receives regular assistance or assistance for persons with disabilities.

The availability of rental or subsidized housing at this rate is virtually non-existent. Across all types of rental housing, the local vacancy rate is 1.5% (typically around 3-to-5%). These rates do not include basement suites.

Port Coquitlam also has the resultant problems associated with a lack of access to detoxification facilities and a lack of timely access to drug and alcohol treatment centres.

Port Coquitlam’s Hope for Freedom Society has conducted significant research and outreach, to the benefit of all residents in the community. The Society’s unique position in the community has allowed it to gather information that may not have been easily obtainable without its efforts, and MATH appreciates, values, and recognizes its important contribution to this report. It is important to note that these statistics show some overlap because of client movement from one form of homelessness to another during the course of its study.