Where Homeless Call Home

Where the homeless call home.
Abandoned Buildings: 7.8%

  • This is likely because abandoned building would make a more attractive shelter during the cold and wet winter months.

Homeless camps: 24.1%

  • There are more camps, including parks, woods and the river, but people spend less time at them.

Crack shacks: 11.2%

  • Drug use has not decreased and continues to be a contributing factor to homelessness.

Roaming: 71.6%

  • Large segments of the Tri-Cities homeless population are on the move, on a regular basis. This segment includes people who couch surf, or stay for short periods of time with family, in shelters, in doorways, and on porches.

Vehicles: 6.0%

  • Vehicles are relatively short-term places to live and sleep, with some exceptions.

(Totals equal more than 100 per cent due to transitory nature of the homeless population.)