Giving Circle

Giving CircleThis model invites community donations of either money or needed goods to help a homeless person become—and stay—housed.

The ‘giving circle investment concept’ brings together several individuals who make a financial contribution. Those funds are pooled and used to purchase housing that, in turn, is rented out to homeless people who come into the HFGS program. This is a long-term investment opportunity, with the associated risks of investment, for those who wish to help, who recognize that it costs less to house a homeless person than to provide government-funded support to homeless people, and who wish to permanently end homelessness. Original investors, at some specified period, can withdraw their contributions either through the sale of the property, as scheduled, or through recouping their investments when they are replaced by new or renewing investors. This option may appeal to individuals who are prepared to make a financial contribution but are unwilling to make it as strictly as a donation, and prefer an ‘ethical’ investment opportunity.

The ‘giving circle goods donation concept’ recognizes that homeless people, upon becoming housed, will typically not have any of the basic supplies they need to set-up house, such as towels, dishes, basic furniture. Through a giving circle donation, individuals can donate items that would reasonably be expected to be needed by a newly homed individual and the giving circle would re-assign those items as required. This option may appeal to individuals who wish to help newly housed individuals and may have surplus material in good condition and may wish to make a donation rather than take the time and expense to sell these items privately. A further opportunity with this model is that a web site could be developed, based loosely on the Modest Needs web site, where people with items to donate could visit a web site to learn exactly what items are needed at any given time, and then make an appropriate donation.